Early Pine Country Furniture
custom, high quality country-style inspired furniture & accessories for any room
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Most of our Furniture is American Made!
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Early Pine Contry Furniture

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We carry accessories for any type of room, from braided rugs to lamps, so you can finish that perfect look you've been envisioning.

75 " sofa

chair & 1/2

ort swivel glider

black & mustard settee

navy willow sofa

#80 tan & black sofa

#80 chair

211 reclining wing chair

#75 wing chair

marshfield stripe sofa

marsh /wide wood carving

lodge sofa

#75 tan sofa

sofa with oak trim



butter finished sugar bin

#80 1966 sofa

Co 75 Alcott. Jewel

Burg ent. Center

Co # 15 Ent center# 951 Center

FR S87 4 door ent. Center

Co#80 shelf arm chair 1657

F.r. 60in. Ent. Center

#75 450c shelf arm chair

#80 1691 shelf arm chair

#80 chair 1781

County sampler

Co80 #1381 wing chair

Co#130 barn sink coffee table

Co75 love seat#1201

Co125 recliner in steel 581

#75 Zelma teak sofa #4885

Co#125 recliner in lovers lane

Co125 reclining. Loveseat 418-1-2

Fr. coffee table t110

Co#80 camel back 80in sofa #1540

Co98 sofa 88in. #2476 in parlance steel

F.R corner ent. Center

Co 80 sofa 5110 in Russell captain $1092

#75 betsy fudge sofa $1435.

81 inch Clayton sofa $1295.

#75 1897 johnson black $1539.

If coffee table w wheels $479.00

#75---3800 sofa in Betsy fudge $1499.

#80 shelf arm settee in Stilwell mustard

Co 80 squares vibrant. Love seat

Group photo

#80. -


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